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The Scooter

Motor scooters have wheels between 8 and 12 inches in diameter. Scooter engines range anywhere from the standard 49cc - 50cc scooter to the larger Honda Silver Wing Featuring a powerful, liquid-cooled 582cc DOHC engine, fully automatic CVT transmission. Vintage Vespas and most vintage scooters have a manual transmission with a clutch on the handlebar and a foot operated gear shift.

Scooter engines usually have a single cylinder or a 2 cylinder motor. Generally speaking, 50 cc or less scooters are classified in most states as a moped and have reduced safety restrictions and licensing fees. Scooters above 50 cc are for most part legally considered motorcycles. Scooters generally have a front leg shield and a scooter body that conceals most of the mechanics. The classic scooter design has a flat floorboard and storage space usually located under the scooter seat.

Modern motor scooters came equipped with air cooled 2-stroke cycle engines with automatic two-stroke oil injection and some Honda scooters and Yamaha scooters  are water cooled. Most High-end scooter models have cast aluminum frames, counter-balancing, cross-linked brake systems and some modern scooters have comfort features such as windshields, full instrumentation, and even heated hand grips.

The alternative LPG powered scooters will help reduce emissions. There are now over eight million LPG vehicles around the world. LPG Scooters suffer no significant loss of performance and engines will run smoother and be slightly quieter. Most LPG scooters are 4-stroke engines for cleaner emissions and come supplied with Front Disc Brakes, Rear Drum Brakes, Electronic Starter and Kick Start, CDI Ignition, Digital clock, Twin Rear view Mirrors and more. LPG scooters are aa alternative to gas scooters and better for the environment.

Tracing scooter ancestry to the USA, where Salsbury Scooters and Cushman Scooters created some of the first motorized scooters. Salsbury scooters was the first to produced an automatic scooter with continuously variable transmission CVT. Used by the United States military as ground vehicles were Cushman scooters. They were a light compact rugged scooters used during World War II. Vespa scooters originally manufactured by Piaggio in post-WWII Italy, made popular motor scooters where inexpensive transportation was in need. Vespa scooters dominance of the scooter market were challenged by Lambretta scooters that rivaled those of Vespa scooters product line.

Modern Scooter styling reflect that of larger, sporty, higher-performance motorcycles. The Two big Modern scooter players in this arena are Honda Scooters and Yamaha Scooters. The classic styling of the Vespa scooter remains the most popular and most imitated scooter design of all time. Manufacturers now carry both a classic retro scooters and sporty modern scooter models.

 China has now become the worlds largest manufacturer of scooters producing over 55% of the worlds scooter supply according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Winning with lower scooter prices, better quality scooter control and scooters meeting strict United States DOT & EPA standards and EEC, COC for European Market.

 The hobby of restoring, repairing motor scooters and riding scooters is called Scootering. Collecting vintage motor scooters like Vespa scooters, Lambretta scooters, Heinkel scooters, Cushman scooters, Powell scooters, Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon scooters and Fuji Rabbit scooters have become a big hobby.


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